We provide a platform to see Earth’s heartbeat so that people can collaboratively design regenerative global systems.

Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, Pollution…

It’s Time for Planetary Regeneration.

Picture yourself standing at the helm of Spaceship Earth.

Our society is more prosperous and our challenges more complex than ever, we envision a world which works for 100% of all life.

HOMEdash is built to facilitate collective problem-solving, it helps us see the whole picture of climate change, optimize for sustainable development, and track our progress toward restoring planetary boundaries and positive social change.

HOME” for Heartbeat of Mother Earth and “dash” for dashboard.

Visualize Our New Story

HOMEdash helps communities and their makers optimize local actions for maximum positive impact to help both people and planet.

It is a one-stop-shop for climate action and sustainable development where teams and people working to address climate challenges and other collective crises can share resources and visualize solutions.

HOMEdash enables you to track the impact of your projects, find partners, and get inspired to act local by thinking global and move us toward an equitable and just society.

Leveraging geospatial and Web 3.0 technology to maximize participation and collaboration is our specialty. HOMEdash makes visible the invisible using maps and 3D visualization to show Earth’s metabolic flows and our own interdependence with the natural environment.

See the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

See the change, be the change.

Our Partners

In 2017, HOMEdash was seeded in the USA in partnership with the Institute for Conscious Global Change and Jefferson University.

Now, HOMEdash is made possible internationally by the Born Global Foundation in collaboration with Boston University, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Design Science Studio, and habRitual.

Our goal, to map our way to planetary healing across all sectors and societies by 2030.

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We need storytellers, sustainers, and stewards like you.

Join the mission to make Buckminster Fuller’s World Peace Game a modern day reality.

Our team of visionaries, experts, artists, architects, engineers, educators and interns is growing, we’d love your vision to become part of our emergence.

We are the Earth.

We believe that land stewardship is at the heart of our societal revolution, and are designing systems to make the provision of food and shelter more equitable and just.

Watch the video to learn about how we leverage biomimicry, mindfulness, and geospatial technology to empower changemakers like you who are taking a stand for the common good.

Contact Us With Partnership Opportunities

We welcome general inquiries and specific questions about HOMEdash. Please send us a note if you’d like to partner.

Email info (at) homedash (dot) earth or click below.

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See the Earth. Be the Earth.

Thank you for being the change!

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